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Latest Medical Update
VitaCup Continues To Expand Its Product Portfolio With New...  
Posted On: Apr 22,2019  | Views: 25
VitaCup's new Gourmet Tea Bags and Infused Espresso Capsules make taking vitamins easy and help support a range of health and wellness goals.   ...Read more
TRICOR Systems Inc. Launches Dri-Scope Aid®Jet~Stream with...  
Posted On: Apr 21,2019  | Views: 104
Dri-Scope Aid® Jet~Stream now offers a dual timer to dry two endoscopes (all major brands) simultaneously with independent start and stop times. The Dri-Scope Aid®Jet~Stream provides   ...Read more
Job Research Foundation Announces First Grant Recipients: Researchers...  
Posted On: Apr 20,2019  | Views: 52
The Job Research Foundation has announced the recipients of its first round of grant funding that will support investigation into the causes of and treatments for Job Syndrome. The Foundation  ...Read more
CloudLIMS’ New Document Management Module Enables Testing Laboratories to Gain ISO/IEC 17025 Accreditation  
Posted On: Apr 20,2019  | Views: 27
CloudLIMS releases the Document module for its LIMS to facilitate testing laboratories meet ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation  ...Read more
Neutron Therapeutics Installs Europe’s First Accelerator-Based Boron...  
Posted By: Anonymous | Posted On: Apr 18,2019 23:00 pm | View: 55
Neutron Therapeutics, Inc (NTI) has installed its compact accelerator-based neutron source for Boron Neutron Capture Therapy (BNCT) at Helsinki University Hospital (HUH). The system is currently...  ...Read more
Challenges and Considerations in Designing and Conducting...  
Posted By: Anonymous | Posted On: Apr 18,2019 23:00 pm | View: 35
Given the accelerating pace of immuno-oncology (I-O) clinical research, awareness of the specific challenges and considerations in designing and conducting successful trials for these new agents  ...Read more
Small Town Volunteer Fire Department Wins Coro Medical Sweepstakes for...  
Posted By: Anonymous | Posted On: Apr 18,2019 11:00 am | View: 39
Coro Medical, home of AED.US, announces winners of the LIFEPAK 15 Sweepstakes, scholarship opportunities and more for 2019.  ...Read more
Oncology Clinical Trials – The Paradigm Shift of Basket Trials: Key...  
Posted By: Anonymous | Posted On: Apr 17,2019 23:00 pm | View: 49
In basket trials, cancers with differing histologies are pooled and the common element is a singular genetic mutation or protein alteration. The trial tests a drug that targets a common biologic...  ...Read more
Stealth BioTherapeutics Releases Promising Results from TAZPOWER...  
Posted By: Anonymous | Posted On: Apr 17,2019 23:00 pm | View: 68
Barth Syndrome Foundation finds encouragement in Stealth BioTherapeutics' recent published findings from the Phase 2/3 TAZPOWER OLE study that investigational drug elamipretide may improve...  ...Read more
InfoBionic’s Revolutionary MoMe Kardia Earns Top Technology Leadership...  
Posted By: Anonymous | Posted On: Apr 16,2019 23:00 pm | View: 106
MoMe® Kardia’s innovative and disruptive cardiac monitoring technology means better outcomes for patients and doctors.  ...Read more
Eating Recovery Center Expands its Renowned Binge Eating Treatment and...  
Posted By: Anonymous | Posted On: Apr 16,2019 23:00 pm | View: 102
ERC California expands its adult programming to include treatment for binge eating, “compulsive overeating”, night eating and related disorders  ...Read more

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